Wild Wheat

The problem with staying almost next door to the best little bakery in the world (a.k.a Wild Wheat in Auckland, New Zealand) is the never ending carbs indulgence (ALL THE BREAD). Wild Wheat is Auckland's leading producer of artisan, specialty, pure goodness kind of breads. They produce and sell a varied range of sourdough and European-style breads, along with all sorts of delicious pastries, sandwiches, and other yummy rustic treats. For me though, what is so fascinating about this bakery is the new health discovery in the form of their sourdough breads. 

wild wheat auckland

I'm someone who considers myself somewhat gluten intolerant (not allergic as I don't have celiac disease) but I've readily jumped on the 'gluten intolerance' bandwagon the past few years, mostly due to eating any kind of store bought bread making me feel relatively unwell. I feel bloated, uncomfortable, just 'not right'. Yet, eating the sourdough bread from Wild Wheat left me feeling completely fine - the first few times I ate their sourdough bread I noticed that I was not feeling the usual 'post bread' unwellness yet it was just a fleeting thought, not any kind of realization. Until I watched the 'Cooked' documentary series on Netflix and watched Michael Pollan talk about sourdough bread versus store bought bread. 

michael pollan

'Cooked' is a must-watch food docu-series (based on the book by Michael Pollan). 'Cooked' consists of four episodes with different elements (water, air, earth & fire) and their impact on food with a focus on different cultures, and the way cooking has transformed during the past few decades. One of the episodes looks at how in the past thirty or so years people have suddenly started complaining about being gluten intolerant yet there seems to be no reason for this as why was no one gluten intolerant previously? Michael Pollan explains this is due to the way bread is manufactured in the factories for mass production instead of the traditional methods of bread making (baked by people at home or by bakers). This mass produced bread is now fortified with all sorts of 'nutrients' and that is what is affecting people and making them believe they are gluten intolerant. He then goes on to say that freshly baked sourdough bread is actually the best bread to eat as it's the healthiest in a way that it will not make you feel unwell.

As soon as I watched that it was a total 'AHA' moment for me as I was previously eating store bought bread but since starting to eat freshly made, high quality, sourdough bread from Wild Wheat, my digestive system did not react to it the way it usually reacts to bread. 

So three things: 1) If you're ever in Auckland, add Wild Wheat on your place to visit list, 2) Watch 'Cooked' on Netflix, and 3) Swap 'normal' bread for freshly baked sourdough bread and see what happens...