Meet Max

World, meet Max.

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What has started as a travel blog (ha ha ha ...these days I am hesitant to venture outside our house, let along hop on a plane to LA) is now transforming into my life as a mom/business woman/entrepreneur blog. Partly to document some of the memories of this time in my life (and his), and partly to share real experiences of being a mom (no, it's not all magical, sometimes it's just surviving whilst counting down to wine o'clock). For those who are very bored, I have an archive of my pregnancy ramblings here (mostly me moaning about being tired/hungry/huge/hungry/moody/hungry).  

Back to Max. Almost 12 weeks old and the sweetest little baby (also a little monster at times). Madly in love with this little cartoon character of a baby - who knew they had so much personality at just 12 weeks old? On the cusp of turning 3 months yet already such distinct likes and dislikes.

He likes ''chatting'' right after he wakes up in the mornings and straight after he has his bath at night, he started smiling just before turning six weeks and has not stopped ever since (such a happy little bubs), he loves his car seat, any kind of car trips, people, being held, cuddles with his Mom, and gazing into Dad's eyes. He could happily spend the entire day being bathed, and he revels in play mat time. Vacuum cleaner sound is his favourite white noise & he loves *dancing* (flailing arms and legs around) to Old MacDonald had a farm. He is a milk guzzler with fat rolls to prove it. 

He detests tummy time, being put down anywhere, naps, sleeping longer than five hours at night, and the car standing still (cue actual anxiety at red robots). He can't stand being dressed, or being left alone in his crib when his parents are in another room (baby version of FOMO?!)

Oh and he is the most expressive little baby ... the many faces of Max.  

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