Los Angeles

I have been wanting to write about my Los Angeles trip for a while now. I travelled to LA in November last year and, almost immediately, became enchanted with the city. Los Angeles has always seemed like this almost magical, mythical place to me that I had longed to visit for as far back as I can remember. 

I was in Los Angeles primarily for business - it was a packed week of meetings with various producers, distributors and directors to chat about film marketing for their indie films. It was a fascinating week from the perspective of trying to 'break into Hollywood' - not as an actress, a director or a film producer but as the owner of a digital marketing agency wanting work with independent films. Some of the meetings were surreal -  a renowned producer kept me waiting inside his office whilst he had a twenty minute conversation on the phone with his doctor in front of me, an owner of an US distribution company told me to change the name of my agency as he personally didn't like it, sales agents asking me to work for free, a coffee meeting at LACMA with the sweetest marketing girls who told me I was 'adorable' and hugged me as they left, witnessing utter desperation from the filmmakers attending AFM and so badly wanting to comfort them, a chat with the owner of Vidiots about her funny Larry David story, meeting with Shay Mitchell's creative manager, talks revolving around Effie Brown. Just surreal. 

It was also a frustrating week as I faced the realization that I would not be able to achieve my business objectives for that trip with just one week of Hollywood meetings. 

Maybe that's a good thing though. I need to return - Los Angeles was the best place I had ever been. Somewhere amongst the palm trees, the golden sunsets, along the plush Rodeo Drive, the never-ending stretch of Wilshire Boulevard, the star-filled cafes along West Third Street, the bustling Farmer's Market, amidst gin & tonic fueled chats with a new friend, and the brightest Santa Monica sunshine, I fell in love with Los Angeles.   

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