Best coffee in Cape Town

Best coffee in Cape Town? Almond milk mochas at Shift Espresso Bar in Green Point. Hands down. By far. 

I'm a little bit obsessed with Shift Espresso Bar (you'd know this by now if you follow me on Instagram)- they tick every single coffee shop box for me:

Great tasting coffee? Tick.

Free wifi? Tick. 

Delicious date & bran muffins? Tick. 

Frank Sinatra playlist? Double tick.

As I usually work remotely and run my business from co-working spaces and coffee shops, it's pretty important for me to love where I work from, to be able to be as productive as possible, and to feel comfortable in terms of sitting there for hours (that's what I love about the crowd at Shift, it's this eclectic mix of business owners, freelancers, students, arty people, Capetonian hipster types, and just anyone who appreciates a good cup of coffee). 

In the space of just one month, Shift has become my 'office' away from my home office and every person who I invite there for a coffee catch up seems to fall in love with it as much as I have. 

shift espresso bar 
best coffee in cape town
shift cafe cape town